Summary of Setups:
Moto CPS - Requires changes to a number of fields for each GPS enabled channel.
BrandMeister - Need to register in SelfCare and select, call sign, radio, icon, text message.
OpenSPOT - Need to select server 3102 or try other servers if no icon appears.
Even with all the correct settings it can take about 5 minutes for the GPS data to appear on APRS.FI.

Motorola XPR 5550 Desktop Microphone Button Left and Right

Motorola XPR 5550 Desktop Microphone Button Left and Right

My question is: The RMN5050 microphone I'm using for the radio has two buttons on it. The right-side "lightning bolt" button is the PTT button to transmit, but I can't figure out what the left-side "speaker icon" button does. When I try to push it, nothing appears to happen.

Does anybody know what the purpose of the left-side "speaker icon" button is?

See below for an image of the Motorola RMN5050 microphone I'm using:

RMN5068A Desk microphone HMN3000 Internal Switch

I have taken the bottom cover off to get at the dip switches without having a schematic.

The main problem with the new RMN5068A Desk microphone that replaced the HMN3000 is that it works with the Motorola mobiles but doesn't work with dispatch solutions such as the MC series desksets and the Commandstar lite console all of which are manufactured by CML. What we discovered is the mic DC voltage supplied by the mobiles is around 5 to 7 volts. The mic dc that the CML products supplies is almost 12 volts. The HMN3000 tolerated the higher voltage without affecting the mike audio. The new RMN5068A can't tolerate that higher voltage and causes the mic amplifier circuit to go into distortion.

What is the function of each dip switch in the mic?
How do you separate the front and rear covers on the mic?

DMR MOTOTRBO radio Error 1687

If you've ever read a MOTOTRBO radio, you might have come across this error message. It basically means that the radio did not respond.  There are a number of causes for this and many of them can be solved with a few simple checks.

Check the connections. Is the programming cable really plugged into the PC and connected to the radio. Sometimes dirt and other interesting things can get onto the accessory connector terminals - especially portables. An old toothbrush with a little contact cleaner or methanol will make sure those contact are clean.

MOTOTRBO: CPS Basics - Programming MotoTRBO DMR Radios - The Basic

Ensure 'Expert View' is selected from the view menu otherwise some feilds will not be shown. If 'Clone Radio ID' is ticked then clicking clone will overwrite the existing Radio ID and Radio Name. Entering your contact information will make your name appear on the report printout.

Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR 5550 Manual Guide


Getting Started. How to Use This Guide. This User Guide covers the basic operation of the. MOTOTRBO Mobiles. However, your dealer or system administrator may have customized your radio for your specific needs.

Motorola XPR Mobile pinout

How To Program an XPR5550 Using Bluetooth

How To Program an XPR5550 Using Bluetooth

On the 5550:
    1    Turn on Bluetooth
    2    Select “Find Me”

On the Windows PC:
    1    Bluetooth symbol
2    Click the Bluetooth symbol on the menu bar at the bottom right of the PC.
    3    Select “Add a Device” from the pull down.
    4    Wait a few seconds, and when the 5550 shows up as a device (it will have the name you gave it in the CPS software).  Click on it.

Motorola XPR 5550 FM analog repeater system

Motorola XPR 5550 FM analog repeater system

Has anyone have experience with hands on with the Motorola XPR 5550 FM analog repeater system ?   If so good and the bad please. I'm going to be renting one from my local Motorola dealer, I'll be using it on the local Mototrbo repeater and a local FM analog repeater system.

Looking for feedback and setting for FM analog repeater system ?

What volume settings are used and set at ?

Software setting with an enhancement key from MOT to enable 25KHz analog mode wideband on the ham freq's,.

The XPR5550 and XPR7550 units also come with the option board as 'standard', unlike the XPR4550 and XPR6550. And the XPR5550 and XPR7550 have bluetooth built-in, for audio and PTT. The displays on the XPR5550 and XPR7550 are also not only larger, but MUCH brighter than the displays on the XPR4550 and XPR6550.